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At McVay Law LLC, our primary goal is to give our clients the honest, straightforward answers that they are looking for when it comes to solutions to your consumer debt problems. Our firm specializes in guiding our clients through the consumer bankruptcy process. We are efficient, and most importantly, honest lawyers. We get the job done right for our clients–affordably and with dignity. ... read more...


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At McVay Law LLC, we practice bankruptcy and student loan law in Middle Tennessee and surrounding counties. Our experienced bankruptcy attorneys help navigate clients through the process by providing guidance, support and solutions. We simplify the process to make you feel as comfortable as possible while we work to settle your issues.

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Chances are you have some debt problems. Please do not make the mistake of borrowing from your 401(k), selling your assets or throwing away your hard earned money before contacting us. Bankruptcy is not the right answer for everyone and we're not here to push you into it. We are here to offer solutions. The best solution is where you can keep your assets and get rid of your debt. Remember, it's about protecting yourself and getting a fresh start. ... read more...

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Justice is Blind Statue outside of Bankruptcy Court
Chapter 7, or “straight bankruptcy” is also known as “liquidation”. This is a way for people to pay off most of their debts and “start over” so to speak. The concept is simple. The debtor’s assets are sold and the revenue goes to pay off creditors to settle the outstanding debt. Learn More About Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy Judge's Gravel
Chapter 13, or “reorganization bankruptcy” involves the renegotiation of debt payments in order for the debts to be paid over time. Chapter 13 does not involve the sale of assets. Chapter 13 is for those individuals whose income exceeds the limitations of chapter 7 bankruptcy. Learn More About Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

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